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Suitable for laser - repair molds-superwave laser welding machine

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 22, 2017

First of all, is a precision welding, laser welding repair mold types are mostly solid pulsed laser ND: YAG, laser is a kind of belt can impact and heat of the material, and energy is very concentrated, such as 30 j of energy in 0.005 seconds can focus within the light spot is only 0.2 MM in diameter, namely of 6 kw, it's easy to control the machining accuracy, laser welding and heating is very low, is apart from the weld around 1 MM place when welding temperature is only about 50 ℃, for only 0.01 MM mold repair repair quantity is easy and take things, this is common method of welding and argon welding.

It is because of the laser characteristics above, if for the welding of large area, while the laser speckle and increase energy, but the launch of laser beam can cause welding slag huge backwash, counterproductive.

The advantages of laser welding repair die, except that the energy is concentrated and the heat is low, through the continuous irradiation of the laser, the solder can be fully melted to eliminate the phenomenon of trachoma and cracks. And because the laser pulse, the welding is very strong, and argon welding just rely on the solder and the parent metal contact with a high arc, heat will solder and parent metal melt, the molten state of solder prone to trachoma, and likely to cause a collapse phenomenon of Angle, and the cold welding is because using pulse discharge molten solder and the form of parent metal, thermal deformation argon welding so big, but prone to falls off phenomenon.

Laser repair precision mold is mainly used in the following situations: 1, the precision mold during processing due to human or design, operation and other reasons, there are size deviation, need to add weld lift a certain amount, then repair; 2. After the precision mould has been produced, the collision will occur during the test process, resulting in small size, and the laser welding can be repaired locally. 3. In the process of injection molding, the upper and lower die movement causes local losses and must be repaired; 4, the mold factory in the process of production of products, need to small local modification of products, if you want to open a mould cost large cycle is long, with a laser welding method can effectively control the production cost and improve the working efficiency.