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Some maintenance of laser module of semiconductor laser marking machine-superwave laser marking machine

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 20, 2018

Some maintenance of laser module of semiconductor laser marking machine.

We all know that the primary core component of the semiconductor laser marking machine is the semiconductor module. He also has a number of days. How can we express his greatest value?

The following may be helpful to you.

1. Since the laser is a sensitive current element, the driving current cannot be added directly to the end of the laser, and the slow start circuit is necessary for the protection of the laser.

2. It is necessary for the laser to operate within the constraint current. A safe and reliable current-limiting circuit is not short.

3. It is necessary to have strong surge absorption circuit in order to avoid the surge impact of power supply.

4. Use excellent deionized water and replace it regularly.

The semiconductor lasers used under normal conditions have a long working life. However, in the improper operation conditions, the formation of a sharp deterioration or even failure. Statistics indicate that the semiconductor laser is not effective, more than half of the probability is due to the surge breakdown. Therefore, how to maintain the semiconductor laser and extend the lifetime of the semiconductor laser is an important problem in the research and development of the power supply maintenance circuit of high power semiconductor laser.