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sheet metal processing value doubled- ten thousands of watt laser cutting machine

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 12, 2018

In recent years, in the field of sheet metal cutting application, laser technology has become the most important processing method, mainly used for cutting materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum alloy and brass. For the application end, the machining thickness and speed of the laser cutting machine directly determines the efficiency of the factory and becomes the core issue of the enterprise's concern.

In terms of the limit cutting thickness, the pentium laser 12KW laser cutting machine can cut up to 50mm stainless steel with a speed of 120-180mm/min. In addition, it can also cut 40mm aluminum alloy and 20mm brass. Compared with the 8KW laser cutting machine, the cutting ability has been greatly improved.

In terms of cutting speed, as the laser power increases, it is also obvious. For example, in 8mm stainless steel, 6KW vs. 3KW laser cutting machine speed increased by nearly 400%. In terms of 20mm thick stainless steel, 12KW compared 10KW speed increased by 114%. In the aspect of aluminum alloy cutting, 12KW is compared with 10KW laser cutting machine, and the speed is obviously improved. Especially on the 25mm thick plate, the cutting speed can be increased by 100%. On the other hand, 12KW compared with 10KW laser cutting machine, and the speed increase is close to or more than 100% on 5-12mm brass cutting. Thus, the improvement of laser power is obvious to the improvement of cutting speed.

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