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Selection of laser drilling equipment and process

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 19, 2018

The characteristics of laser drilling

Laser drilling is one of the earliest laser machining technologies and is one of the main applications of laser processing. With the rapid development of modern industry and science and technology, there are more and more materials with high hardness and high melting point, and traditional processing methods cannot meet certain technological requirements. For example, the micrometers of micrometers are processed on high melting point metal molybdenum plate, and small holes are processed on the hard tungsten carbide. On the red, sapphire processing dozens of micron deep hole and diamond wire drawing die, chemical fiber spinneret first class. This kind of processing task is difficult to use conventional machining method, sometimes even impossible, and the laser drilling is not difficult to achieve. The laser beam is highly concentrated in space and time, so that the diameter of the spot can be reduced to micron level to obtain high power density, and laser drilling can be done to almost any material.

The laser drilling technology has obvious advantages compared with mechanical drilling, electric spark machining, etc.

(1) quick drilling speed, high efficiency and good economic performance. (2) large depth ratio can be obtained. (3) it can be used in hard, brittle and soft materials. (4) no tool loss. (5) suitable for group hole processing with large quantity and high density. (6) the holes can be processed on the inclined surface of materials that are difficult to be processed.

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