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Principle of laser tin soldering and its application analysis.

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 28, 2018

Tin soldering refers to a technique for welding a piece of tin that contains lead or lead without lead into the weld. Soldering technology is widely used in electronic and automotive industry, such as PCB board, FPCB board, connecting terminal and so on.

I. principle of laser soldering.
As the rapid development of laser soldering technology in recent years, compared with the traditional electric technology, laser welding technology more advanced, the heating principle is different from the former, is not a simple heat the iron parts replacement. The laser is a "surface exothermic", which heats up very quickly, while the soldering iron heats up slowly by "heat transfer".

Soldering process of soldering iron.
1. Heat the soldering iron to the right temperature.
2. Aim at the welding position and heat to the melting temperature.
3. Supply tin solder and continue to heat.
4. Finish feeding and continue heating.
5. Remove the soldering iron and complete the solder.