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precautions for using laser engraving machine correctly 2-superwave fiber laser marking machine

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 13, 2018

6. The interference from the sudden power of large electric power and strong vibration equipment can sometimes cause the machine to fail, which is rare, but should be avoided. Therefore, such as large electric welding machine, giant electric mixer and large power transmission and transmission equipment, should be far away. The strong vibration equipment is more self-evident, such as the vibration caused by the forging press and the near distance motor vehicle, and the obvious shaking of the ground is very bad for the precise carving.

7. Lightning protection can be used as long as the building's lightning protection measures are reliable. The first "good grounding" in this section can also help with lightning protection. Special advice: the net electrical instability in the region, such as voltage fluctuation more than 5%), please users to install a capacity of at least 3000 w above regulated power supply, prevent sudden fluctuation burned circuit or a computer.

8. Maintain the stability of PC. Control PC is mainly used for engraving equipment control. In addition to the necessary graphic design software, please do not use special machine. Due to the computer network card and anti-virus firewall, it will seriously affect the speed of the control machine. Please do not install anti-virus firewall on the control machine. If you need network card for data communication, please disable the network card before starting the engraving machine.

9. Guide rail maintenance: the guide rail during the movement process, because the processed materials will produce a large amount of dust. Maintenance method: first, use cotton cloth to wipe off the original oil and dust on the guide rail, wipe clean, then on the surface of the guide rail and the side of a layer of lubricating oil. Maintenance cycle: about a week.

10. Maintenance of the fan: after working for a period of time, the fan and exhaust pipe will accumulate a large amount of dust, which will affect the exhaust efficiency of the fan, resulting in a large amount of smoke and dust. Maintenance method: loosen the connection throat of the exhaust duct and the fan, remove the exhaust duct, and remove the dust from the exhaust duct and the fan. Maintenance period: about one month.

11. Fastening of screws: after working for a certain period of time, the screw of the moving joint will be loose, and when the screw is loose, it will affect the stationarity of the mechanical movement. Maintenance method: tighten the screws one by one with the tools at random. Maintenance period: about one month.

12. Lens of maintenance: machine at work after a period of time, the lens will be due to the work environment on the surface of a layer of ash, which can reduce the reflection mirror reflectance and transmittance of lens, will ultimately affect the work of the laser power. Maintenance method: wipe the surface of the lens clockwise with the absorbent cotton and wipe off the dust. In a word, the attention of laser engraving machine should be done regularly, which will greatly improve our machine life and work efficiency.