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Possible reasons for the attenuation of laser welder flame

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 03, 2017

At present, the domestic laser welding machine is one of the most commonly used laser processing equipment. Since the laser automatic laser welding machine and optical fiber laser welding machine adopts integrated design, compact structure and beautiful, with high output power and beam pattern, energy, stability, easy operation, reliable in performance and wide use, etc. Using the German imported ceramic laser cavity technology, the unique beam selection and shaping technology are used to guarantee high output power and excellent beam mode. Double pulse xenon lamp excitation, constant current laser power supply, pulse programmable and intelligent system management, and have error operation and overtemperature owe current automatic protection. PLC programmable controller or industrial control PC control, X/Y axis two - dimensional automatic mobile platform or multi-axis robot. The semiconductor red light indicates localization, can be moved by hand the Angle of the incident Angle of focus and deflection laser

The laser welder flame attenuation may cause:

1. Laser migration treatment of main light channel: adjust the main optical circuit and semi-anti-diaphragm, and use the paper to check and adjust the spot

2. Focus lens damage or pollution treatment: replace or clean the focusing lens and protect the lens.

3. The laser has no processing method from the center of the copper gas mouth under the focusing head: adjust the 45 degree reflex diaphragm to make the laser output from the center of the gas nozzle

4. The method for the damage or pollution of the cavity of the laser cavity: replace or clean the cavity reflecting diaphragm.

5. The light brake does not fully play the processing method: check and lubricate the connector of the light gate to make the connecting piece mechanically smooth

6. The service life of xenon lamp is to be processed: check and clean old lamps or replace new xenon lamps.

7. Cooling water pollution or long-term replacement of cooling water treatment: replace cooling water and clean the uv glass tube and xenon lamp

8. How to handle the focus lens: adjust the distance to the focus position (but not to produce the splash)

9. Excessive protection of gas: adjust the air flow of the protective gas