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Points to note when cutting the circular hole with laser cutting machine

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 15, 2018

In recent years, with the rapid development of laser cutting machine, more and more customers began to use laser cutting machine to cut a round hole, laser cutting machine is not only the cutting section is smooth, and pore size can change, flexible processing, is cutting round hole.

But using a laser to cut a hole is not as simple as you might think. Therefore, the following superwave laser is used to cut round holes to analyze possible problems and matters needing attention.

1. The hole is too small laser cutting machine for cutting the hole is the optimal scheme of 1:1, the larger the aperture, the better cutting, insufficient ability of laser cutting machine for cutting holes when a round hole is irregular, breakpoint remains too much wait for a phenomenon.

2. The gas pressure is too big or too small gas pressure to the general assembly hole, the pressure too small will appear cutting edge rough, burning serious. Selecting suitable gas pressure is one of the reasons for the irregular cutting of circular hole.

3. Many parameters of servo motor parameters are related to circular arc motion, and the parameters are not suitable. X and y axis motion mismatch will result in ellipse or irregular shape of the cutting circular hole.

4. The precision of screw or guide rail is not enough, and the technical strength and workers' level are not high. The precision of the laser cutting machine produced is less than 0.1mm, so the precision of the cut round hole can not meet the requirements.