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New technology for laser 3D printing was first made public.

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 26, 2018

At the Miami design show, MIT's rapid liquid laser 3D printing process was unveiled for the first time.

Rapid liquid printing (RLP) is jointly developed by furniture and interior design firm Steelcase and the Massachusetts institute of technology's self-assembly laboratory, an interdisciplinary research organization co-directed by Skylar Tibbits and Jared Laucks.


Visitors to Miami's design can see the robotic arm placing rubber material inside a glass jar filled with sticky gel. The gel is used as a supporting material, and the chemical solidification process solidifies the design as the desired target is created.

Previous applications of rapid liquid printing have been applied to the creation of furniture, such as the table created by Steelcase's Christophe Guberan during the milan design week.

In design Miami RLP is used to make light shapes and bags. According to Dezeen, these items can be printed in a few minutes and can be purchased at an event.