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Maintenance of laser engraving machine during operation

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 02, 2018

1. The equipment housing, laser power supply and computer power shall be well grounded, and the grounding screws shall be inspected regularly for rust or looseness, cleaned and tightened timely. Laser marking machine
2. The moving parts, such as the trolley pulley, the slideway and the linear guide rail, will directly affect the processing effect if they are polluted or corroded. They should be cleaned regularly and lubricated at the guide rail to prevent rust.
3. After the honeycomb platform is used for a long time (especially for cutting), the processing waste will be stuck on it and even block the honeycomb hole. In case of laser irradiation, it may emit smoke or even burn, and it should be cleaned regularly.
4. Pay attention to the non-clogging of the smoke vent and air duct, and check and remove the shielding at any time to keep unclogging.
5. Keep the cooling water clean and replace it regularly. During processing, check whether the water level is adequate and whether the water temperature is too high.