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Main advantages of laser plastic welding

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 10, 2018

The main advantages of laser plastic welding are:

1) to optimize the temperature of the plastic joint surface by using the laser heat source with high energy density to ensure the high speed and high precision of the plastic laser welding process.

2) the heat affected area and the joint area can be controlled to a small extent by the changes in the shape and size of the laser beam. The outer surface of the welding area can not see the marks of welding, and the damage caused by welding can not be seen.

3) assemble the parts before welding and the welding process is very easy.

4) there is no restriction on the shape and size of the parts, so that the design freedom of parts can be improved by leaps.

5) there is no vibration during the welding process, which is very beneficial to electronic components, medical devices and other vibration sensitive parts.

6) non-contact processing (the connection parts and heat sources have no physical contact), it is easy to maintain the health and safety of medical and food equipment and so on.

7) high degree of freedom of laser beam transmission, easy to realize automation.

8) no toxic smoke will be produced, and the welding site is safe and reliable.