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Laser colorful marking, adding a new look for stainless steel

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 12, 2017

laser marking in life more and more common, drink bottles, animal ear tag, auto parts two-dimensional code marking, 3C electronic marking and so on. Marking the most common black, but many people do not know is that in fact the laser can also mark the colorful pattern.

Laser color marking makes the presentation more diverse.Objects which was marked bid farewell to the monochrome.Its color layering enhanced and the image lifelike.It improves the quality of the product.That is a innovation for the traditional process.Since then, the laser color marking applications continue to expand.It also has become a new way to enhance the value-added of products.

Stainless steel material in the role of laser heat source, its surface produce colored oxide, or generate a layer of colorless transparent oxide film.Due to the effect of light film interference and a variety of colors, which is the basic principle of stainless steel color marking.In a word, that is under the action of the laser, the stainless steel surface produces a laser thermal effect.Because of the laser energy different, the stainless steel surface also presents a different color.

In the past,traditional stainless steel color making method is to use the chemical coloring and electrochemistry  coloring.which is high energy consumption, pollution and difficult to achieve fine coloring.Relatively speaking,stainless steel laser color marking has a unique advantage.

1、Laser marking is green and no-pollution.

2、Its marking speed is so quickly,and the marking patterns can be retained permanently.

3、It can edit all kinds of text patterns, operating easily.

Nowadays, stainless steel laser color marking use common in the field of construction, automotive, arts and crafts. laser color marking provides a new and efficient solution for the stainless steel products.At the same time,it adds a touch of new color for stainless steel products.Moreover,it becomes a good choice to enhances the value of the product .

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