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Laser welding process of aluminum alloy

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 06, 2018

The surface of aluminum alloy is reflective to laser.

For aluminum alloy is a kind of non-ferrous metal, all kinds of the light has a very strong reflective, as a kind of more intense laser beam on the surface of aluminum alloy is more likely to cause reflex, in other words, the aluminum alloy the non-ferrous metals for small laser with high reflectivity and absorption rate. In addition, the metal has the thermal conductivity, thermal conductivity of the alloy also has a strong, therefore, easy to use laser welding, reflecting laser or laser heat quickly will guide to move out, eventually leading to failure the welding of aluminum alloy. In laser welding of aluminum alloy, therefore, must strict attention to and the rapid increase of laser power density, prevent the reflection or transmission, strive for in extreme time with high density to welding of aluminum alloy, so that you can avoid the occurrence of such problems as reflective.
3.2 be fully prepared for the laser welding of aluminum alloy.
Because aluminum alloy has a lively, easy oxidation, easily attached to a lot of dust on the surface water, etc., therefore in the process of welding, if not well prepared, the surface of things easy with rapid laser welding in aluminum alloy surface, which affects the quality of aluminum alloy and the effect of the welding. Therefore, before welding the aluminum alloy, it is necessary to clean the surface of the aluminum alloy, and remove the oil stains on the surface. At the same time, it is necessary to prevent the explosion and other security threats caused by oxidation during welding. It also needs to thoroughly clean the oxide film on the metal surface to remove the oxide film completely.
Defects in laser welding of aluminum alloy.
Although laser welding with high efficiency, high speed and can be a lot of cost reduction, laser welding has many shortcomings, also only has all these defects will be understood and solved, can make the more widely used techniques for laser welding of aluminum alloy.
4.1 defects of stomata.
Proposed in this paper, a moderate amount of pores to keep the balance of the aluminium alloy inside and outside, but the excessive bubbles will exist a lot of defects, to avoid a large number of pores are difficult, appeared a lot of stomatal pores is not stable, the aluminium alloy inside the straggling, easy to make weld cracks, so remove porosity will be aluminum alloy laser welding technology needs to breakthrough the key defects.
4.2 thermal crack defects.
Application of laser technology, the need to raise the temperature and density to achieve the purpose of rapid welding, appear so easily in the aluminum alloy surface crack, so as to make the welding failure, in order to deal with the hot crack, scientists have come up with a way to deal with, that is used in laser welding filler material, but this method is easy to cause a waste of resources and labor cost. It is also a major problem that the technology is about to solve.
5 conclusion
Aluminum alloy laser welding speed there are a lot of advantages, has been widely used in a variety of manufacturing, and improve the quality of the machine itself and the manufacturing speed, but there are many defects, laser welding technology is also lead to the failure of the welding, believe that under the efforts of scientists, the welding technology will be more and more mature, also more and more widely applied.