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Laser technology to make 3D acrylic shape-laser cutting machine

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 18, 2018

Recently, a team of engineers from Germany made use of the basic principle of layer product manufacturing through laser cutting and welding, and made the acrylic sheet into a complex 3D shape.

These developers explain that "laser cutting machines are used for rapid prototyping, because they are fast, but they can only make two-dimensional objects. To create a non-flat object, there is a way to slice objects horizontally and then stack and glue them together. But this usually means a lot of manual work, which loses the sense of rapid manufacturing.

And their design skillfully combines the CAD design with the laser cutting acrylic, and the whole process is completely automated, and the final rendering effect is also impressive.

In daily life, laser cutting acrylic board is not uncommon. Because of acrylic waterproof, moistureproof, uv protection, corrosion resistance, high light transmittance has the advantages of the crystal texture, can be seen everywhere in the city street, advertising light boxes, such as use the acrylic material, transparent textures used in furniture production, effect is also different.

Product advantage

The structure of the marble gantry and the linear motor platform realize high speed and efficient operation and effectively improve the production efficiency.

The light path of the whole machine is fixed, the external light road is not maintained, and the consumption of vulnerable parts is very small.

The visual positioning of CCD can monitor the process of micro-machining constantly.

The professional laser cutting software has the function of graphic layout and sharp Angle smoothing, which can realize high-speed punching and marking.

The integrated structure design, the overall layout is compact, reasonable, the floor area is small.