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Laser technique is applied in diamond jewelry industry

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 13, 2018

Laser fine score are fast markup, the writing and graphics clear and beautiful, no pollution, safety does not affect the characteristics of the base material quality, led to a revolutionary change in the diamond jewelry industry, and is its unique advantages to replace the traditional curve method. Changchun new industries optoelectronics technology co., LTD., relying on China's scientific director spring machine technical advantages, successfully developed a number of core technology and independent intellectual property rights series laser fine score system. This series of laser fine engraving equipment integrates laser technology and computer technology, and its main performance index reaches the level of international similar products.

2. Principle and advantages of laser engraving technique.
Laser fine engraving system consists of laser, laser focusing and imaging optical system, translation platform and drive system, input/output control card, computer and control software.
Laser output peak power laser, the beam expander and objective lens to form a small light spot diameter and focused onto the surface of the object, in the local light irradiation of high energy density, material to absorb part of light energy, and convert it into heat, heat conduction through material makes objects gasification, to achieve a target. The power intensity and pulse width of laser are the key factors that influence the interaction between laser beam and material. The stronger the intensity, the narrower the width of the pulse and the deeper the cutting. Focusing spot size and quality are the important factors that affect laser fine score, the size of the laser focus is also affected by the laser beam quality, so the size of the focal sp decided to laser fine score line thickness.