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Laser surface treatment with laser marking contact.

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 01, 2018

Laser surface treatment

In the field of wide range of industrial laser material processing, laser surface processing and the term is often used to describe a series of using continuous wave (the CW), a kw power source of near infrared laser processing activities. However, the above techniques are completely different from the techniques described in this paper as being used as microns and nano-scale surfaces. Many of the techniques used in short-pulse picosecond (10-12) and femtosecond (10-15) superfast lasers have been identified, and a number of related issues have been published.
The main disadvantage of these processes is that even if they are low power series products in such laser categories, their investment and operating costs are still very high. Because processing speed is usually determined by the average power of the laser, the laser processing cost may be too high for most industrial laser users.
Recently, the pulse width of the mature nanosecond pulse fiber laser has been extended to the nanosecond level, resulting in a peak power capacity increased by an order of magnitude. This makes it possible to develop a new laser surface processing technology with a cost-effective long picosecond laser source.