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Laser marking machine to handle the LOGO of mobile phone

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 17, 2018

In the age of electronic information in the 21st century, mobile phones play an increasingly important role in our daily life and mobile terminal market. Thus, the future market of mobile phones will be broader. With the change of consumers' consumption concept, the demand for mobile phone manufacturing is getting higher and higher.
Many smart phone brand LOGO on the fuselage shell process requirement is very strict, even small to power adapter, headphones, mobile power LOGO laser marking machine is used for marking processing, in order to achieve the best effect.
Metal material is a kind of design, very popular in recent years, including apple, HTC, such as manufacturers, widely used the whole piece of metal backboard, while most of the models may be appropriate use of metal frame design to improve texture, usually for aluminum alloy.
Advantages: good texture, good heat dissipation.
Disadvantages: the thermal conductivity of the metal may make the phone become hot, which will affect the feeling and easy to scratch.

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