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Laser marking machine realizes the color mark of stainless steel surface.

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 10, 2018

Germany recently developed some kind of laminated materials, laminated materials including external laminated material and internal laminated material, wherein the external laminated material including transparent polymer carrier, the carrier it is on the side of infrared dye containing in the infrared absorption maximum color laser marker layer, this kind of laminated material can be used in almost all common marking material, the technology advantage to be different from the ordinary laser paper available in the market.

Japan also has a combination of laser color markers and a preparation method. Composition components include: polymer 100 weight; The content of laser marking powder is 0.05622 weight; The content of the temperature sensitive substance is 0.16210 weight. The preparation methods include: mixing the polymer, the laser marking powder, the temperature sensing material, and the composition of the components according to the composition. This invention by heating material, more use of heat in the process of laser marking, the warm feeling material in a certain temperature thermal decomposition and oxidation reaction, the reaction damage of the original material structure or generate a new material, to produce a new color at the same time, the color change is a one-way, irreversible, cannot restore color after cooling, and thus can form stable permanent mark on the product.

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