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Laser marking machine realizes the color mark of stainless steel surface.

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 21, 2018

Laser marking technology leading domestic enterprises to enter the laser processing industry, especially the fiber laser is widely used in laser equipment, laser marking industry also achieve market "peak", but laser marking used over the years, we see the common laser marking design is black and white ash.
To mark such a visual effect, it is possible to use a separate tunable laser, the MOPA pulse fiber laser, in addition to inkjet and color paint.

When the laser marks the stainless steel material, it can change the color of the surface layer of the material by adjusting the laser beam so as to obtain the decorative effect of different colors.

Its advantage is that its pulse width and frequency are adjustable independently, and one of them does not affect other laser parameters, which is not available in the q-structure laser. And this characteristic, to stainless steel color mark engraved with infinite possibility. In actual marking operation, pulse width, frequency, power, speed, filling method, filling spacing, delay parameter and other factors will affect the color effect.