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Laser Marker for Color Marking on Stainless Steel Surface

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 08, 2018

To visualize such visual effects, in addition to ink jets and color paints, it is also possible to use a pulsed fiber laser with a pulse width and frequency that are independently adjustable.

When the laser marks the stainless steel material, it can adjust the laser beam to change the color change of the surface layer of the material so as to obtain the decorative effect of different colors.

The advantage is that its pulse width and frequency are independently adjustable. Adjusting one of them does not affect other laser parameters. This is not achievable with Q-switched lasers. This feature gives the stainless steel color marking endless possibilities. In the actual marking operation, pulse width, frequency, power, speed, filling method, filling spacing, delay parameters and other factors will affect the color effect.