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Laser engraving machine common problems of laser head light

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 02, 2018

The laser switch is not on. The button of laser switch is on and off when pressed on the panel.
The light path. This problem can also occur when the optical path deviation is large. The adjustment of optical path has been mentioned before, but I won't say much here. You can adjust it according to the previous explanation.
Press the test key of operation panel to check the state of ammeter:
No current: check whether the laser power supply is connected, whether the high-voltage line is loose or detached, and whether the signal line is loose.
Current: check whether the lens is broken and the optical path is seriously offset.
Check the water circulation system
No water: check whether the water cooler is not energized or damaged;
Water opening: check whether the inlet and outlet are connected back or the water pipe is broken.
Can point shot, can self-check, send data non-luminescent (check the computer Settings correct)
Laser power failure:
After power is supplied to the laser power supply, see whether the fan is running normally. If it is not running normally, the laser power supply is in trouble. This is where the power needs to be replaced.