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Laser cutting machine laser hole size and its precision control

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 11, 2018

(1) the aperture size control adopts a small divergence Angle laser (0.001-0.003 rad) to shorten the focal length or reduce the output energy to obtain a small aperture. The melting point is high. The material with good thermal conductivity can realize small hole machining with aperture 0.01 ~ 1mm, and the minimum aperture can reach 0.001mm.

(2) the depth of the hole control improve the laser output energy, adopt reasonable pulse width (materials and thermal conductivity, the better, the pulse width of the shorter the YiQu), model application base model (single-mode light intensity is a gaussian distribution) big hole depth can be obtained. For small aperture, the deep hole should be irradiated multiple times, and the short focal length (15 ~ 30mm) is used to punch holes.

(3) improve the laser machining hole roundness laser mode using the base mould processing, focusing lens with aplanatic lens, lens and optical axis and the laser beam axis coincidence, artifacts for deviating from the focal point and select the appropriate laser energy can improve the processing and roundness.

(4) the lower punch taper Usually taper hole increases with the aperture ratio, using the appropriate laser output energy or small light for many times, the shorter the focal length, the small lens refractive index and decreases the Angle between the incident ray and the axis measures can reduce hole taper.
In the cutting process, only the cutting head moves along the X and Y direction, and the position of the table is fixed. There is also an articulated movable arm fixed optical flight beam transmission form, known as a constant flight path, known as the constant light path. From the drive mode of the device, the X and Y axis are equipped with the unilateral servo motor to configure the corresponding speed reducer, which is driven by the high-precision gear rack. With the X axis, the servo motor is used to configure the corresponding reducer, with the high precision gear rack drive structure, with double gear to eliminate the driving mode of reverse clearance; The servo motor is directly driven by high precision ball screw rod, and the direct gear and rack are driven by the large inertia motor. There is also the direct drive of linear motor structure. Equipment configuration of laser according to the performance of the user processing, processing materials, shape, size and selection of different laser, available for selection of laser respectively shaft fast flow co2 laser, radio frequency (rf) board debugging laser, laser, solid laser and fiber laser, etc.