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IC chip marking, need precise laser marking machine to guarantee

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 18, 2018

On silicon chips can set a variety of electronic components forming circuit, so as to achieve a specific function, in order to identify the chip surface or other functions, there are always some design, digital, etc., as it is, on the market need to be able to in such a small area of the material on precision laser marking, meticulous chip, also cannot destroy the function of the chip properties.
A complete set of solutions has been proposed and applied in production. Here's how:
(1) design the overall mechanical structure of IC laser automatic marking system, adopt modularization and recombinant design, reduce the replacement cost and improve efficiency on the one hand. At the same time, the jig can be changed quickly to realize multi-variety and small batch IC chip flexible production.


(2) confirm the selection of the laser to meet the requirements of the quality and appearance of the workpiece. Therefore, the existing laser type is filtered to confirm the appropriate laser type and power.
(3) to realize automatic IC chip laser marking to ensure accuracy, on the basis of mechanical positioning, combined with digital image processing system, image processing card as the core of multi-axis motion control card to control motor system with DSP card control the galvanometer scanning laser marking technology, realize high precision IC chip, a laser target, high speed requirements.
(4) to complete the automatic laser marking system of IC chip joint debugging and commissioning, according to different IC chip products, optimize the control parameters, satisfying the requirements of equipment design and IC chip precision of laser marking requirements.
(5) the development of the laser marking control software automatically, using object-oriented programming method based on visual man-machine interface, integration with laser, image processing system and motion control system operation.
To sum up 5 points: it is necessary to mark the permanent 0.5mm character and enterprise Logo design on IC chip packaging surface, so as to carry out product identification tracking and enterprise publicity. As the IC area is small, the precision of marking position is high (less than 0.05mm), suitable for laser marking. At the same time, the design of electromechanical system can realize multiple varieties, and the small batch of IC marking flexible production.