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How will the price of laser cutting machine change in 2018? And look at the homemade laser.

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 15, 2018

In recent years, the rapid development of domestic laser cutting machine industry, relying on imported situation has improved, and the supply and demand has been changed, the supplier market significantly greater than the buyer's market, market competition into the white-hot stage.

In laser cutting machine homogeneity serious today, as a result of excessive squeezing production cost reduction with qualitative, shoddy, low-cost stunt, laser cutting machine price is rise is lower, resembles the actual situation.
But throughout the laser cutting machine market, there is a very special phenomenon: best-selling products are often not the cheapest brands. Improving brand competitiveness by reducing production costs is the primary stage of competition, because in a certain degree, the production cost cannot be infinitely compressed. To really cut down the price of the laser cutting machine, we need to start with other aspects.
The laser cutting machine is high price in China.
The core part of laser cutting machine is laser and is the most important component of laser cutting machine. Has long been the development of high-power laser cutting machine equipment, imported pure assembly production technology, core parts as for people, laser cutting machine is expensive, delivery cycle is long, laser cutting machine prices high.
At present, the small power optical fiber laser has mostly dominated by domestic manufacturers, market share is as high as 85%, 2010-2015 after the domestic low power laser produced, low power laser cost down more than 50%. In recent years, China's power fiber laser market has achieved a breakthrough in technology, and its market share has increased greatly. In 2016, sales exceeded imports for the first time.
2013-2016 domestic fiber laser according to power division sales and equipment production.
And the high power laser, the market localization rate is low, the domestic downstream enterprise bargaining power is weak, the price decline is less than the small power laser. Taking 2000W high power laser as an example, the average market price in 2012-2016 dropped from 130-1.6 million to 100-1.4 million, and the decline was only about 20%.
It is not difficult to see whether the price of laser cutting machine will decline in 2018, and it will depend greatly on whether the application of domestic lasers can be popularized and gradually replace the imported laser.