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How to maintain the focusing lens in laser cutting machine?

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 10, 2018

The focusing lens of laser cutting machine is a kind of precision optical element, its cleanliness directly affects the processing performance and quality of laser cutting machine. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the focusing lens regularly. Below, we will share some tips on maintaining the focusing lens. Maintain the correct operation process of focusing lens of laser cutting machine:
1. Take out the focusing mirror from the frame: loosen the fastening screw and remove the air nozzle and the lens cylinder successively; Blow the dust off the lens surface with a balloon.
2. If really need to clean the lens, can only use the laboratory level paper soft cotton ball, dip in proper amount of acetone or high degree of alcohol, gently from the center of the lens clockwise rotating brush to the edge. When necessary, both sides of the lens need to be cleaned, scrubbing should be careful and meticulous;
3. Install the lens cylinder and air nozzle, adjust the focal length, tighten the screw tightly, and keep the convex surface downward when installing the focusing mirror