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How is the laser cutting wood not black?

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 18, 2018

Using laser cutting wood has the advantages of high precision, narrow cutting, fast speed and smooth cutting surface. However, because the laser focused energy melts the board, there will be a black phenomenon in the cutting process, which is that the edges of the cutting are carbonized. Today's laser application of laser light is used to talk about how to reduce or even avoid this situation.

First to if the cut is relatively thick board, to black that is very difficult, but after my test summary of 5 mm thickness of template cutting can be done not very black, and more than 5 mm will look at the situation, the following detailed how to do to make the laser cutting wood is not black:

Our low power and speed must be guaranteed to be able to cut through the wood at a time, the faster the better, the lower the power, the better. Reducing power needs to be cut multiple times, actually carbonization is more serious. Because the part that has been cut will be burned twice, and the more you cut it, the more carbon it will become.

And the speed is fast, the power is low is contradictory, the faster the speed is more difficult to cut through, the smaller power is more difficult to cut through. We have to prioritize between the two. And according to my experience, speed is more important than low power. With a large power, try the fastest to cut through the speed.

In addition to black power speed impact now, of course, there is also a very important factor, is blowing, blowing cutting wood must be better, had better use high-power air compressor, because black, yellow, another factor is that a gas cutting blackened, and blowing can auxiliary cutting for cutting more easily, to prevent fire.