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How is it safe to use a laser cutter?

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 18, 2018

1. Formulate and comply with equipment operation procedures.

1) formulate and strictly follow the operating procedures of the equipment.

2) check the safety facilities of the system before starting up, especially the switch of the light brake.

3) maintain the machine in time.

2. Fire fighting equipment must be provided on site.

The laser cutting machine should be equipped with fire extinguishers and other fire fighting. Operators should know the layout and use the method.

3. The location of the laser cutting machine is used as hazard zone management.

The area in which the equipment is located should be designated as a danger zone, and the area is enclosed by a retractable separation belt, and the laser that can be used to ensure the leakage of the dangerous area is below the limit of a class of accessible emission limits.

Warning signs shall be established at the exit entrance of the danger zone, including:

· invisible laser radiation.

· four types of laser products.

· power of laser cutting machine.

· no outsiders are allowed to enter.

· protect your eyes.

When the laser cutting machine works, no personnel are allowed to approach the danger zone.

4. No fatigue or alcohol use.

Using laser cutting machine and other laser processing equipment, there is a large risk, if negligence, the most likely to cause harm. Therefore, it is forbidden to operate laser cutting machine with fatigue and alcohol.