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How do you choose laser printer?-SUPERWAVE LASER MACHINE

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 25, 2018

How do you choose laser jet printer?

Laser jet printer is a new way to break the skill of the spreader. The laser printer has won the favor of the wide users with the advantages of no pollution, no consumables, high security, and low fault. The current laser jet is so popular, what should you pay attention to when you buy a jet? Today, share with us the four most common mistakes that you can make when buying a laser jet.

Speed is Paramount: the faster the better.

In today's information age, it's common to think that what you do is as fast as possible. Any machine has wear and tear in the process of application, as well as life, and faster working speed means faster loss. It is important to find the best fit between the speed of the machine and the wear and tear, which is the concern of the truly responsible enterprise. The printing speed corresponds to the action beat of the person in 200bp~500bp. According to the usual speed and mechanical wear target function, it is found that the laser marking machine has the least wear in 300bp.

Second, brand supremacy: imported brand to buy good laser printer.

Don't keep your eyes on top brands. Laser jet printer emporium, the line of line of line of line of line of line of line of a line is very all, this is advantageous, but also because of excessive all, often can't make each model is a high-quality goods. The line of goods of the second-tier brand is relatively simple, but it is also so that he can be more specialized in each product, so the typical models are compared with the classic. In terms of cost performance, the products of first-class brands are usually not as real as some second-line items. The domestic second-tier brand has no brand advantage, other aspects. There are usually some high cost performance products, and there are times when the products are not only useful, but also a lot cheaper.

The price is the highest: your laser printer is better than the cheap laser.

Because of the Chinese people's view of consumption, it is better to think that whatever is expensive is better than cheap. It has become a developing trend that the current selection of laser printer and jet printer are measured. It is undeniable that the development of commodities and the cost of production process requirements. The requirements for equipment vary widely depending on the difference in planning and application conditions, such as the marking material and the size of the work site. Under the same application condition, expensive laser printer is not necessarily better than cheap.

4. The more functions, the better: more functions mean more skill.

It may be possible to say that in the 1990s, when the marking equipment came out, it meant a high level of skill. Because of the simple function of the laser printer, the packaging developed rapidly, and in the following years, various characters became an insurmountable skill threshold. However, with the development of printing skills in the 21st century, marking equipment has entered the era of rapid development. At this time, the addition of the function does not give the printing effect a qualitative leap, just printing more characters, printing the scale selection more. And with the practical use of my days, 32 kinds of fonts are completely satisfied. The so-called functional theory, more from the manufacturer's commercial speculation. Because of the current view, there is not much difference between the function of the laser printer and the function of the usual laser. Therefore, it is more necessary to choose the appropriate equipment from the actual needs of the company when purchasing.