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Fiber - optic laser marking machine gradually become the marking tap

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 24, 2018

As the key technology of optical fiber laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine in the whole of China and all over the world get rapid development, rapid application by the laser marking processing enterprises, the original cost of thousands of fiber laser marking machine appeared a big price cuts, lower to about 3 ~ 40000, the former can't afford to buy optical fiber laser marking machine can abandon complex and operation of enterprises and individuals trouble of semiconductor laser marking machine and upgrade the use of optical fiber laser marking machine!
Optical fiber laser marking machine is now widely used in the industries of metals, non-metallic industry and special class the marking on the application of the industry, one of the most widely used in it have jewelry laser marking, laser marking, fasteners, laser marking, capacitance aluminum shell of laser marking, sand round piece of laser marking, auto parts, such as the laser marking more some the fiber laser marking machine is applied to the egg marking, this shows the charm of optical fiber laser marking machine.
Learned, through customer search words and customers in the guest service personnel and equipment consulting chat, they mainly want to know the price of the laser marking machine and can meet the demand of their material marking, and summarized through the analysis of the us, they mainly want to used in the packaging industry, medical products, household appliances, keyboards, panels, advertising signs, id CARDS, daily necessities, bar code, the qr code, product serial number, company logo and production date of laser marking, and some like the laser marking machine is applied to the production line, assembly line operation, And we hit a constant laser respectively according to customer's requirements developed online flying laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine in production line is mainly used for), metal laser marking machine (mainly used for metal marking) co2 laser marking machine (mainly for the food production date marking, used in the marking of the tobacco industry), etc.
I believe that with the progress and development of science and technology, I believe that the optical fiber laser marking function will be more widely used in our life in the future and help our life!