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Fiber laser cutting machine to build safe food machinery.

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 11, 2018

Food machinery is one of the products in the process of food production, and its quality directly influences food safety. A few days ago, anhui province quality inspection bureau spot check discovers, 4 group food processing machinery is unqualified, total spot check unqualified rate is close to 20 %. Before that, the bureau of quality and technical supervision of zhejiang province also has carried out the commercial food processing equipment, products supervision and spot checks and spot checks on 31 batches commercial food processing equipment, products, unqualified 10 batches, fraction defective is 32. 3%.

It is impossible to estimate how much of the goods produced by these unqualified machines have been purchased and consumed by consumers. The quality of food machinery directly influences food safety and is more about people's health.

The food machinery industry in China has been faced with the awkward situation of small, large and unrefined products. The core technology of the products is difficult to compete with the developed countries. To be in an impregnable position in the international market, food production must realize mechanization, automation, specialization and scale, from the traditional manual labor and mill type operation, improving the health, safety and production efficiency.

Compared with the traditional processing technology, fiber laser cutting machine has the advantage in food machinery production. Traditional processing way need to open mold, stamping, shear, bending, and other links, the efficiency is low, the mold is used up big, the cost is high, seriously hindered the food machinery industry the pace of innovation and development.

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