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The factors affecting the quality of fiber laser marking machine

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 15, 2017

Optical fiber laser marking machine market competition is gradually intensified, but also have more strict requirements for research and development equipment, while the fiber laser marking machine is the general equipment in exists in many fields, but its equipment quality is the decisive factor of the market, development is the hard truth, their hardware quality assurance is the assurance of its strength. If optical fiber laser marking machine does not have a good quality assurance, even with the most advanced technology is just a kind of incomplete product, quality improvement should be with the device itself contains all aspects of ascending simultaneously, is not only a one-sided but on the one hand, such not only can affect the fiber laser marking machine fiber laser marking machine equipment quality of the product itself, but also will become in the future and chain to the progress of the optical fiber laser marking machine industry.

Of course, to some extent, the reputation of the optical fiber laser marking machines will also have some negative effects, which is not conducive to the development of the marking machine. At present, the main thing is to make the development of the optical fiber laser marking machine equipment and the development of the technology. The most obvious advantage of laser marking machine is the high efficiency of pump. In general, the pump conversion efficiency is 70 to 75 percent, much higher than the solid state laser (DPSSL) used for industrial secondary pipe pumps. Such a high conversion efficiency to reduce the cooling and power need laser system, structure is more compact than the traditional solid laser, combined with all-fiber structure can provide a very strong and high reliable packaging design.

In addition, fiber laser can significantly enhance the beam quality of the output. Computer pneumatic code machine is a kind of special CNC equipment, using the principle of stepping motor and compressed air to the depth of the marking, it widely used in auto parts, hardware, plastic, and other fields, is the most commonly used industrial marking way. The core technology of pneumatic marking machine is software and drive motherboard.