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Electric cars will be the next most promising market for fiber lasers.

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 23, 2018

Coherent companies in the United States, President and chief executive John Ambroseo in a conference call in the following explains the market position of the combined company: "coherent company involved in the four terminal market: microelectronics, instruments and meters, science and materials processing. On the basis of independence, we occupy a leading position in the first three markets and lag behind in the field of material processing.

New company after the merger will supplement the weaknesses in the field of material processing, coherent company will focus on two parts: OEM laser systems (OLS) will be the main focus in the field of microelectronics, instruments and meters, and science. In addition, the industrial laser and system (ILS) will mainly support the material processing market.

After two years later, the Coherent company in March this year, with its latest Coherent | Rofin HighLight series products such as optical fiber laser at light fair in Munich, its products because of the high beam quality, technology in metal cutting and welding application of obvious advantages and received great praise. At the same time, coherent companies also attach great importance to the application of laser technology in the field of intelligent manufacturing.

"With industry 4. The implementation of 0, the customer is more attention to intelligent manufacturing technology." High power fiber laser, carbon dioxide laser coherent company senior vice President and general manager of Sri Venkat said in an interview with OFweek laser net, future laser built-in smart devices will be more and more, so the customer can very efficiently collecting data and monitoring data, so as to optimize the performance of the whole production line.