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DIY high precision high quality 3D printer

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 30, 2017

Our company recently launched A2, A6, A8 series of portable 3D printers, they are affordable and widely used, it is worth buying.

Obvious advantage:Compared with the traditional mechanical processing methods, the development cost savings of more than 10 times, the same, rapid prototyping technology to shorten the enterprise product development cycle, so that in the new product development process to repeatedly modify the design of the problem greatly reduced, creating economic benefits Obvious.

Application materials´╝ÜSo far, there are many types of materials used in various types of 3D printer equipment, resin, nylon, plastic, paraffin, paper and metal or ceramic powder, basically meet the vast majority of products on the mechanical properties of materials demand.

Application areas:At present, 3D printing technology has been widely used in industrial modeling, machinery manufacturing, aerospace, military, construction, film and television, home appliances, light industry, medicine, archeology, culture and art, sculpture, jewelry and other fields have been widely used. And with the development of this technology itself, its application areas will continue to expand.