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Current status of plate processing technology in electric appliance industry

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 12, 2018

Current status of plate processing technology in electric appliance industry
In electrical products, metal plate processing parts account for almost 30% of all product parts. Traditional blanking, corner cutting, hole opening and edge trimming are relatively backward, which directly affects product quality and production cost. The original analysis is as follows:
1. A large number of molds are required for traditional press processing. The parts of electrical products have many hole sizes, different shapes, single and non-standard products. The mould cost is high and the production cycle is long.
2. The adoption of portable curvilinear saw for opening holes not only results in poor quality of cutting and uncontrollable size precision, but also results in high labor intensity, high noise, low production efficiency and high cost of saw blades.
3. Introduced from abroad in recent years, some enterprises "multi-station CNC punch press, it replaces the punch punch, but the price is expensive, and large noise, cut surface have a seam, punch a dependence on foreign imports. Each multi-position CNC punch requires at least 16 punch heads, which cost $3,000 each, and the punch needs to be replaced frequently, not to mention economically.
On electrical appliance manufacturing process, sheet metal parts and parts are many, and complex shape, the process is difficult, and in the process of machining needs a large number of fixtures and tools to ensure the quality of machining. Laser cutting is a high and new technology developed in recent decades, it has higher compared with traditional shear process of cutting precision, lower roughness and higher material utilization and production efficiency etc., especially in the field of fine cutting, laser cutting has incomparable advantage over traditional cutting. Laser cutting is a non-contact, high speed and high precision cutting method by focusing energy into a small space and utilizing high density energy. And laser cutting technology in the electronics industry can not only effectively solve the above problems, and to improve the quality of workpiece processing, saving and processing link and processing cost, shorten production cycle, reduce the labor and processing cost, large importance role of improving the machining efficiency and value.