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Color marking on stainless steel-superwave fiber laser marking machine

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 30, 2017

Stainless steel, or steel that is not easy to rust, is actually a part of stainless steel, which has both rust and acid (corrosion resistance). Therefore, stainless steel is used for high metal materials.

Stainless steel material, it is essential to people processing production and engineering material, its application is very extensive, covers many aspects of production and processing, now become the industry one of the indispensable materials. Therefore, the wide application of stainless steel makes the application of optical fiber laser marking machine in the market more and more widely. Especially the recent popular stainless steel color printing, especially the popularity of advertising/crafts industry.

Ordinary tag spout, which gives it identity

In many stainless steel products and components, there is a need to do some information, such as a simple production date and batch number, as well as a relatively high density bar code and qr code information. Whether it is a single line, contour line, or filler type, as long as it can be shown on the drawing, it can be marked on the surface of the stainless steel by the laser marking device. Since then, stainless steel products have detailed "identity information".

Color marking, fashion and beauty

Stainless steel color printing, which is under the action of laser, the surface of stainless steel produces laser heat effect. Advanced laser can make the color of the material to change its physical effect, and the polymer pyrolysis reaction in oxygen environment, use high energy, high density of laser beam on the surface of the workpiece for local irradiation, make rapid gasification surface material or color changes, so as to reveal the deep material, or the result of the surface material chemical physical change and portrays the mark; Or the light can burn off some of the material, showing the necessary engraving, writing. However, on the stainless steel block, through the optical fiber laser marking machine, presented the beautiful color pattern.