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Application of CO2 Laser Cutting Technology in Cutting of Mobile Film Industry

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 23, 2017

Application of CO2 Laser Cutting Technology in Cutting of Mobile Film Industry

With the arrival of the mobile Internet era, the popularity of smart phones and explosive growth, making consumers more and more demanding on the quality of smart phones, the relevant parts processing more and more sophisticated. As a frequent use of mobile phones on the film, the cutting accuracy of the processing technology put forward new requirements.


Precision cutting needs in Mobile film industry

Mobile phone film cutting precision technical requirements, making manufacturers have used laser technology for cutting. At present, the best cost-effective laser cutting technology on the market is CO2 laser cutting technology. The use of advanced CO2 lasers, excellent optical mode and optical design to form a more perfect spot to reduce the heat affected area, can cut out high-quality mobile phone film products (PET protective film, display panel).


CO2 laser cutting technology unique advantages, so that than UV laser cutting technology is more suitable for thin film precision cutting, but also better meet the IT industry precision machining needs.


CO2 laser cutting technology advantages

In recent years, Superwave Laser Technology has developed its research in the field of laser technology. Its advanced CO2 laser technology is fast, high precision, safe and reliable, good cutting quality, high quality and stable performance. Compared with industry, Technical advantages. With ± 0.005mm repeat positioning accuracy and ± 0.05mm integrated processing accuracy, the use of advanced imported CNC system to ensure that the technology of high-quality production, to meet the various types of mobile phone film precision machining needs, non-metallic thin film materials laser precision machining Field of experts.


Core Technology Advantages of Superwave Laser Technology High Speed CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

1. High speed, high precision: the use of imported servo motor, double screw gantry drive structure, import rails, imported CNC system, cutting speed, high precision, smooth turn, good stability;

2. Cutting quality: the use of imported metal sealed CO2 laser, optical mode is good, excellent optical design, resulting in a more perfect spot to reduce the heat affected area;

3. Safe and reliable: the use of granite base, one closed structure, safe and reliable performance, long service life;

4. Easy to operate: the use of special laser cutting software, the perfect support dxf, plt and other formats of file import, data processing convenience, user interface operation;

5. Optional CCD: you can automatically find the positioning point, according to the scheduled graphics position cutting.


Technology customization, CO2 laser cutting technology in other industries

In addition to,Superwave laser technology being applied to the mobile phone film industry, it can also be used in communication, consumer, computing, connecting, cloud, etc. Industry PC film, PET film, PP film, Kevlar and leather and other non-metallic materials, laser precision cutting. Applicable to screen protection film, acrylic board, OCA optical glue, PET display panel, touch screen, FPC, PCB, electronic paper, polarizer, product Logo, digital products such as injection molding nozzle laser cutting.

According to customer requirements, Superwave laser technology can provide technical customization to provide technical solutions to meet the needs of customers of various precision machining.