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Application of semiconductor laser in plastic welding.

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 10, 2018

All kinds of plastic products can be found everywhere in our life and production, plastics processing methods are also various kinds of materials, only for thermoplastic welding method is more than 15 kinds, such as: heating tool vibration friction welding, ultrasonic welding, welding... However, in the case of three-dimensional geometry, hollow body, large parts and other products, there are some technological problems in the above processing mode, and laser welding is a good solution to these problems.

At present, the laser welding method can be divided into non-contact laser welding and laser transmission welding, where we mainly introduce laser transmission welding. Laser transmission welding is referring to the laser beam through the through laser reach the surface of the absorption of laser plastic plastic, with the help of the heat generated by the laser beam on the contact surface, make the plastic surface melting, thus will technology of thermoplastic components are bonded together. This kind of welding method can be applied in the welding of lap joint, and can be applied to the welding of butt joint, also has been gradually used in automobile clutch, brake parts, engine cover, car lights, etc.

The principle of laser welding of plastics is: two plastic under low pressure are clamped together, through the mirror, lens, or fiber optical path system, will be produced by the laser beam welding area, stay focused on the formation of heat effect zone, which is a kind of plastic for near infrared laser transmission, another kind of plastic absorbing laser, laser energy absorption of plastic convert light energy into heat energy, the contact area in the plastic melt, and heat conduction to the transmission near-infrared light plastic surface, formation of fusion zone. Under the action of clamping force, produce the intermolecular mixed melting area, when the size of the melt to specified requirements, remove the laser heat source, under certain pressure continues, weld is formed after cooling, realize the transmission of laser plastic welding. In order to improve the absorption properties of upper plastic, the absorbent is often added. In addition, in order to enhance the permeability of plastic through the performance, it is also often added through the high quality of the dye.