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Application of laser welding in carbon steel materials-superwave laser welding machine

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 23, 2018

Laser welding is the process of using high energy laser beam to melt and link the material and form a fine welding joint process. The laser welding has a high density and small diameter of laser spot, which can be used to form a narrow bead. Therefore, the laser welding has the advantages of the traditional welding method, such as fast welding, small deformation of workpiece, large solution depth ratio of weld, and good weld quality.

Latest developed PAB - 4 airbags generator, its components, the main structure of the metal shell shell adopts B460 type carbon steel materials, internal gas with gas by laser ignition device work, working process of high temperature and high pressure gas will bring great impact on metal shell and weld seams. Therefore, the welding requirements are very high. According to the design, the welding requirements are uniform, the welding seams are not oxidized and no pores, and the deformation is controlled within 0.1mm. Due to the characteristics of the material and the structure of the joint, it is difficult to weld. The main difficulties are :

(1) the domestic product is equipped with gas-producing medicine, so the temperature cannot exceed 150 degree after welding. (2) according to the USCAR, the safety factor of the air bag generator must meet the safety factor of 1.5, and the strength of the welding seam must reach above 70mpa, so it is highly required for the process.