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Application of fiber laser marking machine in material processing-SuperWave Laser Machine

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 06, 2018

Nowadays, laser is the most widely used data processing light source. The fiber laser is attributed to the use of solid state lasers, which provide high reliability and convenience. Because the laser can handle a variety of materials flexibly, and compared with the traditional process, the advantages are obvious, thus becoming the first choice for many data processing applications. The laser has now been subjected to many occupations, ranging from fine cardiovascular stents to the navigation of the aviation career to the drilling of the blades, to the thick steel plates welded to the shipbuilding industry.

The multi-mode laser can be promoted to dozens of watts, still can insist on the better beam quality. This series of laser application is very extensive, including car cut thick tube hydroforming, the roof lines brazing, medical screw welding, industrial parts heat treatment of titanium alloy plate, aviation industry deep penetration welding, shipbuilding industry, stainless steel, aluminum, steel plate data such as the high quality of incision.

The M2 of single mode laser is less than 1.1, the beam quality is perfect and the light spot is the smallest, so it is more suitable for micro processing and macro processing. The high power density and excellent light caused by the small light can make the cutting of thick and thin metal can happen satisfactorily, and can be deeply welded. Other application fields include electronic professional ceramic substrate scribing and application of computer hard drives many twists and turns of the forming, flat panel display to film, printing professional anilox roll laser engraving, such as welding plate.

In the field of marking application, q-modulated fiber laser has no comparable function in marking quality, yield efficiency and flexibility. Other, outstanding beam quality and peak value power are also the unique application domain, such as silicon data high-speed drilling and laser water knife and other mixing skills. This laser is suitable for the marking and disposal of metal, ceramics, most plastics and other materials.