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Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of YAG compared with CO2 laser.

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 15, 2018

The YAG laser has many good properties different from CO2 laser:

1. YAG laser output wavelength is 1.06 um, just smaller than CO2 laser wavelength of 10.06 microns one order of magnitude, so that its high coupling efficiency, with metal processing good performance (a 800 w YAG laser effective power 3 kw CO2 laser power);
2. YAG laser and fiber coupling, by means of time division and power division multiplex system can easily to transmit a laser beam to multiple location or remote distance location, convenient for laser processing to achieve flexibility;
3.YAG laser can work in both pulse and continuous mode, and its pulse output can obtain short pulse and ultrashort pulse by adjusting Q and locking technology, thus making its processing range larger than CO2 laser;
4.YAG laser has a compact structure, light weight, simple and reliable operation and low maintenance requirements, so its application prospects are promising.
The main disadvantages of YAG laser are:
1. The conversion efficiency is low, only 1-3%, which is an order of magnitude less than the efficiency of CO2 laser;
2. The YAG laser rod has internal temperature gradient in the working process, which can cause thermal stress and thermal lens effect, which limits the further improvement of the average power and beam quality of YAG laser.
3. The cost per watt of YAG laser is more expensive than CO2 laser