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Advantages of laser cleaning machine-SUPERWAVE LASER MARKING MACHINE

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 28, 2017

Advantages of laser cleaning machine

The pulsed laser can quickly vaporize the residual liquid in the target area, which can be measured, repeatable and environmentally friendly and can be automated.

Cleanliness improves reliability

In the production of large gear components, laser welding can reduce deformation due to low energy, thus becoming a universal choice. A large number of components in the automotive powertrain meet stringent quality standards, which are made of different materials and alloys and are difficult or impossible to weld using traditional techniques.

Powerful laser, shorter cycle

Car manufacturers need to clean up surface residues quickly and automatically to achieve strong, non-void and microcrack welding and bonding. The laser cleaning system, especially the laser cleaning system using pulsed solid-state lasers, can meet all of these requirements. The main factor determining the choice of lasers is the cleanliness and cycle time of cleaning components.

Quickly and efficiently arrive at the designated position

Time is critical in highly automated, high-volume production processes. And need to dip the entire component solvent, or the use of abrasive agent or the traditional cleaning method of thermal shock is different, the function of the laser clean and in a specific surface (such as weld and glue, size, usually no more than a few square millimeters).

The time required for cleaning depends on the time required for laser welding, typically between 4 and 10 seconds. Another advantage of selective cleaning is that it removes the intermediate steps to transport components from a cleaning station to a production line. The clean laser is integrated on the production line, just upstream of the welding or bonding station.

Corner cleaning

To clean a specific surface, the scanner optics move the laser beam around the workpiece quickly and backwards. Different scanning graphics and speed can be used according to the desired cleaning effect. Linear scanning can be used to clean light pollution. If you need further cleansing, you can use the overlapping circular sweep (similar to the action of an electric toothbrush). In this case, the pulses of the laser pass through the same point multiple times, reinforcing the clean action.