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Advantages and prospects of plastic laser welding application

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 14, 2018

Environmental protection requirements and the trend of lightweight make plastics more and more replace metal parts in industrial products. Compared with other welding technologies, plastic laser welding has more advantages:
1) non-contact welding, stay with no physical contact, welding thermoplastic don't react, operating in the industrial environment, is suitable for the need to health and safety of medical and food industry. The medical industry is mainly used for injection system, medical electronic equipment, all kinds of artificial transplantation and oral products.
2) the shape and size of laser beam can be regulated, so as to control the size of thermal influence zone and joint area, with high degree of freedom and good flexibility. Without limiting the size and shape of the parts to be welded, it can realize two-dimensional or even three-dimensional welding, providing a basis for diversified customized parts production.
3) fast welding speed, high weld strength, no flying edge, no residue, can guarantee the good appearance of the welding area. According to the relevant data, for ordinary passenger cars, the weight of non-metal materials accounts for about one-third of the total vehicle weight, and some models account for a larger proportion, while plastics are one of the four major materials for vehicle use. High - end car bumper USES plastic laser welding to achieve the strength and appearance of both. Other laser welding, such as automobile filter, gas and liquid separator, automobile dashboard shell, electronic door opener, gearbox, etc., can all work well.
4) precise and firm, impervious to air and water leakage, can greatly reduce thermal stress and vibration stress, which is most suitable for precision electronic components and vulnerable devices.