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Advantages and prospects of plastic laser welding application.

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 20, 2018

The environmental protection requirement and the light weight tendency make the plastic more and more the metal part of the industrial products, while the plastic laser welding has more advantages than other welding technologies:

1) non-contact welding, stay with no physical contact, welding thermoplastic don't react, operating in the industrial environment, is suitable for the need to health and safety of medical and food industry. The medical industry is mainly used for injection system, medical electronic equipment, various artificial transplanting and making mouth products.

2) laser beam shape and size can be controlled, so as to control the thermal influence area and joint area size, high degree of freedom and good flexibility. It does not limit the size and shape of the parts to be welded, and can realize the welding of 2d or even 3d, which provides the basis for the production of diversified customized parts.

3) fast welding speed, high weld strength, no flying edge, no residue, can guarantee the good appearance of welding area. According to relevant data, in the case of ordinary passenger cars, the weight of non-metallic materials accounts for about 1/3 of the total weight, while the proportion of some models is larger, and the plastic is one of the four materials of non-metallic materials. High - grade car bumper adopts plastic laser welding to achieve both strength and appearance. Other laser welding such as car filter, gas liquid separator, car dashboard, electronic door opener, gearbox and so on can have a good effect.

4) precise and firm, impervious to air, not leaking, can greatly reduce thermal stress and vibration stress, which is the most suitable for precision electronic components and vulnerable devices.